Live Gear & Stage Specs


New Classic series Gretsch 5 Piece Drum Kit
Ampeg SVT tube Bass head,  Ampeg PF500 Solid State Bass head.
Ampeg SVT-410HLF 4×10 Bass Cabinet.
Steinway Grand Piano with original Ivory keys.(Stage Left, Does not move)
B3 organ with Leslie cabinet.(Stage Right, Does not move)
Fender Twin Tweed reissue AMP. Fender Blues
(2)Fender Deluxe Amps. 62 original VOX amp.



Mozambique uses Heil Sound Microphones as it’s premier mic selection.These
mics are amazing, they capture the full natural sound of anything you throw in front of them.
A few bands that use Heil mics are:
Stevie Wonder, Joe Walsh of The Eagles, ZZ Top, Velvet Revolver, Tool & American Idol
to name a few.

Visit Heil Sound at:

Mozambique relies on RapcoHorizon cables and snakes for every show.
A few bands like Foreigner and Fall Out Boy use RapcoHorizon products.
Their products are rugged and of the highest industry quality.
Visit Rapco Horizon at:



Yamaha DM2000 digital console. 24 max input.
Console has 3 internal effects MAX.
(4) Separate monitor mixes in total:
Mix1 is Center front (2wedges mono)
Mix2 is Drummer (1Sidefill)
Mix3 is Stage Right-B3 Player (1Sidefill)
Mix4 is Stage Left-Piano Player (1Sidefill)
Speakers for stage monitor and FOH are EAW. QSC Amplifiers.



(3) Panasonic AWHE60SN PTZ Broadcast Cameras
Panasonic AWRP50M Remote control.
Panasonic AWHS50 Switcher.
iMac Apple Computer.
Final Cut Pro 6, DVD Studio Pro 4, Compressor 3.
Wirecast 3AJA IoVideo Commander – Video Signal Routing System
Lights are stationary LED with Elation control.

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