It’s exotic, exciting, adventurous.

It’s also warm, relaxing and friendly. Portuguese sailors discovered Mozambique on one of the many stops they made to replenish supplies while on their way to the spice-rich countries in the East and Far East. Its coastline is rich in tropical fruits, seafood and other staples needed for the long days and nights at sea…and it was here that they discovered a little known spice called Peri-Peri.

This unique spice is still used today in the country’s colorful seaside restaurants–like Reliquias, Miramar, Ferroviaro and Costa del Sol–where scores of locals and visitors line up for mouth-watering Peri-Peri chicken and giant grilled Peri-Peri prawns best enjoyed with a cold lager.

It was this same magnificent country where two young boys independently piled up scores of family vacation memories. Year after year, their families trekked for miles across South Africa eagerly anticipating the gorgeous beaches, reefs and generous people of Mozambique. But more than anything, they had to satisfy their undying craving for Peri-Peri. When they met later in life, the two young men bonded around their common love for this flavorful food and it cemented a lifetime of friendship. They vowed they would one day open their own seaside restaurant, so they would never be far from Peri-Peri prawns or Peri-Peri chicken ever again.

Thirty years later, with the help of a California kid their time has come.

Mozambique Restaurant and Coastal Lounge brings the tastes and smells from the beaches of Mozambique to Laguna Beach – creating an unforgettable experience that is exotic and yet close to heart and home.

So whether you are coming for Peri-Peri Prawns on the patio, or an unforgettable steak in one of our various dining rooms, you will always leave with the same feeling… wanting to come back soon with family and friends.

Mozambique offers a SAFE RIDE:

Complimentary service within 3 miles.
Excellent rates outside of radius.
Feel free to call 949/715-7777 and set up a reservation.
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$6 Valet Parking Monday-Sunday.